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Hifen (Cefixime)

Hifen is a cephalosporin (SEF a low spor in) antibiotic. It works by fighting bacteria in your body. Hifen is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria. The chewable tablet form may contain phenylalanine. Talk to your doctor before using this form of Hifen if you have phenylketonuria (PKU). The Hifen suspension (liquid) contains sucrose. Talk to your doctor before using this form of Hifen if you have diabetes.

Other names for this medication:
Cefixime, Cefix, Cefixima, Cefspan, Ceftas, Cephoral, Denvar, Hifen, Mahacef, Novacef, Omnix, Oroken, Suprax, Taxim, Topcef, Tricef, Unixime, Ziprax,

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Sodium balance, urinary excretion of sodium and calcium, fractional excretion of sodium (FENa), and renal cortical dopamine receptors (DA1 and DA2) were measured at 10, 30, 60 and 75 weeks of age. Transport and metabolism of a membrane-active complexon in the mouse body Site comparisons of dentine collagen cross-links from extracted human teeth. Fracture modes of teeth restored with fiber reinforced composite dowels were more advantageous than teeth restored with pre-fabricated stainless steel dowels. Afterwards, the antigens could be detected in the macronucleus through the cell cycle, and disappeared when the macronucleus began to degenerate in exconjugant cells.

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Elsewhere, oxytalan fibers are related to the arteriovenous anastomoses and their accompanying myelinated and unmyelinated nerves located adjacent to the endothelium. The trajectory of health impacts would be influenced by not just emissions growth, but also changes in nonaviation ambient concentrations that influence secondary fine particulate matter (PM(2.5) ) formation, population growth and aging, and potential shifts in PM(2.5) concentration-response functions (CRFs).

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DNA from hairy roots incited by this strain contained a total of five nonidentical copies of T-DNA which together comprised a T-DNA complement representing a 34-42 kb segment of the Ri plasmid. PTH 1-34 treatment reduces Dex-induced terminal differentiation and apoptosis of articular chondrocytes, and PTH 1-34 treatment may protect articular cartilage from further damage when received Dex administration. Failure of 2-mercaptoethane sulphonate sodium (mesna) to protect against ifosfamide nephrotoxicity.

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Cholesterol transport requires specific interactions in mitochondria between several proteins including a multi-kinase complex. A case of late-onset, thymoma-associated myasthenia gravis with ryanodine receptor and titin antibodies and concomitant granulomatous myositis. New approaches for visualisation of silicon nanoparticles (SiNPs) in cancer cells are realised by means of the linear and nonlinear optics in vitro. Data were collected on weight, height, and risk factors, including bacteremia, ICU admission, immobilization, use of oral contraceptives, and malignancy. In vitro study on the dimensional changes of human dentine after demineralization.

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Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is one of the most common pediatric cancers in sub-Saharan Africa. It is important therefore that they should understand the relationship between housing and health, and how to signpost patients and their families to advice on housing options. Data were provided by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network--United Network for Organ Sharing.

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However, models are oftentimes large, requiring a high number of input parameters, and complex, with individual model runs being time consuming. ANC reduction due to a direct myelosuppressive drug effect was not supported.

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The solution of the equation results in an expression for the phase error variance in terms of the closed-loop noise equivalent bandwidth W(H). Differences between females and males are not statistically significant for these parameters. For probe pHY2.1, which labels the distal non-fluorescent and fluorescent heterochromatin of the Y chromosome (Yq12), an expanded signal seen in gonocytes of the prepubertal testis is superseded by a condensed signal seen in adult germ cells at all but the zygotene stage of meiotic prophase when meiotic pairing takes place. High-resolution physical and genetic mapping of the critical region for Meckel syndrome and Mulibrey Nanism on chromosome 17q22-q23. Less information is available concerning sites of expression during tubule morphogenesis, although such expression patterns may be crucial to renal development.

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Simple and efficient method for specularity removal in an image. Assuming preferential selection when the admissions policy is unknown: the effects of gender rarity.

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Patients whose initial biopsy was taken by dermatologist were more satisfied than those with a biopsy taken by a GP. GCF was collected from 15 patients with untreated adult periodontitis. To accomplish this, one must generate high intramedullary pressures, which are known to be associated with complications such as cement implantation syndrome. This prediction is in good agreement with recent experimental results. LAP/NF-IL6 is a member of the C/EBP family of transcriptional activators and has been shown to be involved in the regulation of the acute-phase response.

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Several lectins from marine animals, such as Balanus roseus hemagglutinin, B. Second, he has maintained a consistent focus on several key problems in evolutionary developmental biology, including the evolving role of Hox genes in arthropods and, more recently, the evolution of segmentation mechanisms.

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Nanoparticles composed of magnetic cores with continuous Au shell layers simultaneously possess both magnetic and plasmonic properties. Determination of trace levels of acetamide, propanamide, and butyramide in surface and drinking water using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after derivatization with 9-xanthydrol. Corresponding changes were seen in myosin heavy chain isoform composition. Acute and chronic toxicity tests for malathion, diazinon, copper (Cu), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni), and iron (Fe) were conducted.

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These results indicate that the protective effects of the FN stimulation against GI-R injury may be mediated by attenuation of the excessive GSN activation, gastric mucosal cell apoptosis, and Bax expression in GI-R rats. Is there an association between type II endometrial carcinomas and breast cancers? To determine the usefulness of five magnetic resonance (MR) signs of repeat tears of the postoperative meniscus.

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Repetition priming with Japanese Kana scripts in word-fragment completion. Development and differentiation of neural rosettes derived from human embryonic stem cells. Several of these challenges are unique to veterinary medicine due to issues such as multiple species approvals, unique dosage forms (e.g., intramammary infusion and medicated premixes), physiological challenges (e.g., limitations in blood volume and stress reactions), and the need to evaluate product equivalence for products intended to release drug over a duration of months.

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We now report the immunologic details of this novel genetic cause of SCID and the response to targeted metabolic supplementation therapies. In contrast, when the protein was analyzed by HPCE without acidic desialylation, fingerprints of N-linked oligosaccharides changed with time in serum-containing conditions. Terminal bronchiolar-alveolar (TB-A) units in circumfusion system cultures. As expected in this system, estrogen (E2) or androstenedione induced a proliferative response and increased ER-mediated transcription in ER-positive cell lines expressing aromatase. Effects of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ESAT6-CFP10 Protein on Cell Viability and Production of Nitric Oxide in Alveolar Macrophages.

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After reviewing the published reports we propose the following definition of spontaneous mediastinal emphysema: the non-traumatic presence of free air in the mediastinum in a patient with no known underlying lung disease. Within this model, the emitter-field interaction is modified to the extent that the field mode is modified by its environment.

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CCh injected intrathecally (0.001-0.06 mumol) evoked a dose-dependent hyperthermia. Hemocoagulative disorders after TBI may be amenable to treatment, and adequate and timely management may protect from secondary injury and poor outcomes. In this review, we discuss how using a variety of techniques, developed over the last decade, have allowed us to visualize and quantify key aspects of the dynamic synaptic interface and have furthered our understanding of their function. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and nanometer-scale secondary ion mass spectroscopy confirm the carbon-nitrogen species in graphene thermally annealed in ammonia. Managing manpower and cutting costs in the health care industry.

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Papilledema refers to optic disc swelling resulting from high intracranial pressure (ICP). DWnt4 and wingless elicit similar cellular responses during imaginal development. To investigate the physiological role of NO, a range of NO-specific electrodes allowing direct and continuous NO measurement have been developed for in vitro and in vivo NO detection.

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(i) Chl tRNA(Trp) suppresses the UGA stop codon more efficiently than cyt tRNA(Trp). Disease- or therapy-related bone marrow damage cannot be overcome by changes in stem cell source or dose in allogeneic transplantation. The Modified Emory Functional Ambulation Profile, the 10-Meter Walk Test, the 6-Minute Walk Test, the Berg Balance Scale, and the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale were administered before training, monthly throughout training, and 3 months after training. To provide current data on maternal and neonatal outcomes in triplet pregnancies in an Australian population.

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The compressed data obtained with aspartate aminotransferase have been fitted to the integrated rate equations that describe a variety of kinetic mechanisms. These results suggested that the chain length of the acyl moiety must be C1 to C3 for the unique effect of the gallate derivatives described above, and that DPPC forms a complex with PrG as a pure component. Twin and family studies have demonstrated that most cognitive traits including language are moderately to highly heritable. Systemic arterial hypertension caused by discharge of catecholamines following ligation of ductus arteriosus Effects of 6-OHDA lesions in the nucleus accumbens on the acquisition of self injection of heroin under schedule and non schedule conditions in rats.

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Larger and longer term studies are required, however, to define the role of TIPSS in the overall management of such patients. This was evident when the D/N ratio was calculated for S, GL and A. Aminoalkylindoles (AAIs), although structurally dissimilar from the classical cannabinoids, are known to be capable of binding to cannabinoid receptors and of evoking cannabinomimetic responses. This exercise was conducted to ascertain which ward areas or small areas were in need of improved family planning provision in England.

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To observe the effect of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) on pulmonary vascular collagen accumulation in hypoxia rats in order to study the effect of CGRP on hypoxic pulmonary vascular structural remodeling and its possible mechanism. The leaves of this plant can be prepared as an infusion to treat migraines, bronchitis, and dental pain. In a search for potential target sites for C11N5 compounds obtained from marine sponges of the genus Agelas we evaluated their interaction with muscarinic acetylcholine receptors from rat brain membranes. Most of the side-effects were diarrhea, rash, pruritus and conjunctivitis.

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Additional therapy was unnecessary, avoiding the attendant risks of saphenous vein graft angioplasty. Platelet activation and hypercholesterolemia in the pathogenesis of deep vein thrombosis The original CAIT was translated, cross-culturally adapted, and validated from English to Korean. The subobjective was to examine to what extent bone quality assessment is influenced by X-ray tube current and voltage settings as well as soft tissue surrounding the bone. The characteristics of the cells epigenotypes Dunaliella viridis Teod.

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The toxicity test methods discussed are those employing microbes, enzymes, soil fauna, and plants. Tract-based spatial statistics were used to examine whole-brain white matter damage. Effect of the virulence of toxoplasmic strains to mice on their capacity to form cysts in pigs On P1, neurogranin expression increases dramatically in intensity, and appears in the olfactory cortex, isocortex, subiculum and hippocampus.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing has become an essential part of current clinical practice in the management of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions. A comparative study of quantitative structure-activity relationship methods based on gallic acid derivatives. The disease commonly presents very early in life with progressive mental retardation, followed by intractable epilepsy, and should be suspected clinically especially if there is a family history of similar disorder in a sibling. An experimental approach to achieving phase purity in nanowires through molecular beam epitaxy growth is presented.

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The regulatory mechanisms for the rapid proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells and the particular aggressiveness of this cancer are still not fully understood. A novel PDA closure device, the Nitocclud PDA-R, is designed specifically for both large and medium size PDAs. Cell-bound complement biomarkers for systemic lupus erythematosus: from benchtop to bedside.

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Biochemical responses can be observed in about half of the patients, whereas radiographic responses are described in roughly one third of the patients. Congenital pericardial defect associated with cardiac incarceration: case report. Our results confirm the requirement of an increase in resting calcium during fusion, but do not support the hypothesis of an influx through voltage-dependent channels or other voltage-operated pathways.

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The spectrin-like protein is localized as a transverse striated pattern interlinked with fine longitudinal strands in the subplasmalemmal region of the myocytes. We compare the measured velocity fields with the predictions of Jeffery-Hamel theory.

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The best preserved of these calendars is the Cairo Calendar (hereafter CC) dated to 1244-1163 B.C. We present here two girls with cystinosis initially diagnosed as Bartter syndrome.

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Element analysis of skeletal muscle in Duchenne muscular dystrophy using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Six electronic databases were searched to identify all relevant systematic reviews (SRs). A total of 48 patients (ages, 11-23 years) who had 128 second permanent molars (54 maxillary, 74 mandibular) extracted during orthodontic treatment were followed until eruption of the third molars was complete. CIRCANNUAL VARIATION IN HUMAN DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE DURING CONSECUTIVE SOLAR CYCLES. Survival was analyzed by Cox regression analysis after adjusting for age, sex and NIHSS score on admission.

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However, no larvae were found in any of the histological sections of heart tissues. In C57BL/6J, the dose-response analyses of both expressivity and penetrance of the separate right and left forelimbs demonstrate a teratogenic gradient, decreasing from right to left, that depends on the symmetrical ectrodactyly response of the right and left forelimbs. Copper-Catalyzed Oxidation of Alkanes with H2 O2 under a Fenton-like Regime. An emerging opportunistic infection: fatal astrovirus (VA1/HMO-C) encephalitis in a pediatric stem cell transplant recipient.

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Whiplash exposure was a major risk factor for future negative change in provisional situation as whiplash-exposed more than tripled their risk of negative change in provisional situation compared to matched controls in the general population. Seoul National University Renal Stone Complexity Score for Predicting Stone-Free Rate after Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. Previous studies done in women have established the fact that sole reliance cannot be placed on this value to exclude the diagnosis of symptomatic bacterial urinary tract infection.

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The presented thoracoscopic surgery for benign mature teratoma is a feasible procedure. Additional clinical trials are ongoing and will provide further data on which patients receive the greatest benefit from therapy and which beta-blocker may be preferred. On the influence of surfactant on the coarsening of aqueous foams.

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Knockdown of the tumor suppressor genes PTEN or RB1 was combined with mutagenic activation of individual oncogenes (EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, or PIK3CA), thus generating a combinatorial model. In the second experiment, spatial memory performance in a two-trial memory task was evaluated after post-acquisition administration of similar doses of PREG-S as in the first experiment.

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Mechanisms of disease: Mutations of G proteins and G-protein-coupled receptors in endocrine diseases. Gene expression profiling of placentas affected by pre-eclampsia. The important seropositive rate among pregnant women is compatible with endemicity of HEV in Tunisia. Countries are obliged to adapt their legislation as a requirement of their membership to the World Trade Organization or as a condition of being part of international trade agreements.

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Novel method to differentiate 3T3 L1 cells in vitro to produce highly sensitive adipocytes for a GLUT4 mediated glucose uptake using fluorescent glucose analog. This 1:1 in vitro/in vivo comparison was calculated using a model independent numerical deconvolution method. The increase of potential side effects and safety concerns of conventional medicaments have led to the recent popularity of herbal alternative medications.

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In the first five years of the trial there were 11 pneumococcal infections in the pneumococcal vaccine treated group, 10 by serotypes present in the vaccine. From genomic libraries, the polyhydroxyalkanoate gene locus of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 was cloned and characterised at the molecular level. The HYA loading test can help determine whether the increased serum level of HYA in RA patients is due to a high production or reduced elimination of HYA or both. Accumulation of these alkylating agents occurs in two recognizable patterns.

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Defective stimulating capacity of leukocytes in mixed leukocyte culture in constitutional aplastic anemia caused by suppressor T cells. Rickettsiae continuously occupy a relatively stable environment which is the cytosol of eukaryotic cells. Paraffin is placed into gelatin capsules and to it a paraffin block with tissue is attached. Computed tomographic and magnetic resonance images showed a mass originating from the pterygopalatine fossa. One hundred forty-four participants with gout and at least one palpable tophus had a DECT scan of both feet.

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To detect dynamically the response of specific antibody-secreting cells elicited by a detoxified-lipooligosaccharide-cross-reactive mutant (dLOS-CRM) of diphtheria toxin conjugate vaccine for Moraxella catarrhalis ( Substantially accurate cardiac output (5.91 L/min) and blood distributions to the major branches were predicted. Effect of calcium channel antagonists on clamoxyl solution injectable steroids cell membrane potential oscillations and proliferation of cells expressing the ras oncogene.

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An immunological overview of allergen specific immunotherapy -- subcutaneous quetiapine cost per pill and sublingual routes. Though promising, this account faces several challenges with respect to learning and development. Spontaneous epidural hematoma is a rare condition, which usually requires urgent surgical treatment.

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The dimensional structure and the psychometric properties of the questionnaire have been analysed risperidone 2 mg obat apa acyclovir by means of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses and by means of item-response-theory (IRT) models. The main indications for this type of sonography include evaluation for ovarian torsion, differentiation of benign from malignant ovarian masses, diagnosis of pelvic congestion, and assessment of utero-ovarian perfusion.

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Translational neurophysiological markers for activity of the metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR2) modulator JNJ-40411813: Sleep EEG correlates in rodents and healthy men. Relationships between ophthalmological and neuropaediatric findings in children adopted from lequin medicine Eastern Europe. Entrainment may result in F acceleration, with changes in activation sequence, suggesting a different type of reentry, possibly based on functional factors. The problems in the clinical and pathological diagnosis of this rare type of melanoma are discussed. The results are contrary to views that either recognition memory or associated confidence judgments are ordinarily supported significantly by nonconscious memory.

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Elevated AcH during alcohol intoxication causes alcohol sensitivity, which involves vasodilation associated cilamox 500 mg with increased skin temperature, subjective feelings of hotness and facial flushing, increased heart and respiration rate, lowered blood pressure, sensation of dry mouth or throat associated with bronchoconstriction and allergy reactions, nausea and headache, and also reinforcing reactions like euphoria. The one extract-injected lamb which did not develop antibodies and 9 of the 13 lambs used as controls died of haemonchosis. Completely reliable prognostication in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest is difficult to achieve.

hifen names 2017-03-10

In 10 months, frequent finasteride price philippines and complex cystic lesions appeared in these animals. Glomerular expression of the ATP-sensitive P2X receptor in diabetic and hypertensive rat models. Timely access and quality of care in colorectal cancer: are they related?

hifen az 250 dosage form 2017-04-13

Cost/benefit analysis of cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a history of CPR--Part I. We demonstrated that TGF-beta 1 in a surprisingly low dose range has the capacity to reduce injury to CA1 hippocampal neurons caused by transient global ischemia in rats. In tissues with positive or negative short-circuit currents, unidirectional mucosal-to-serosal sodium fluxes were greater than serosal-to-mucosal fluxes and small net absorptive fluxes were present. In every case echarotomy produced a dramatic decrease in intramuscular pressure, while a randomized group of extremities that were not decompressed omeprazole 40 mg capsules generic prilosec side developed sustained pressures as high as 64 mm Hg despite the presence of intact Doppler pulses. The binding of fibrinogen in the presence of heparin or calcium ions at low ionic strength may induce the appearance of platelet-clumping activity.

hifen plus dosage for infant 2010-01-21

Here, we have analyzed whether this new apoptotic co-treatment could be relevant toward primary cells from patients suffering of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Our aim was to evaluate the incidence of perforations of the sinuses and their related treatment after the removal of upper wisdom teeth depending on various anatomical and clinical variables. Lipoxin A4 selectively programs the profile of M2 tumor-associated macrophages which favour control of tumor progression. This study deals with using Brillouin spectroscopy to determine the temperature variation of potassium actinex dapoxetine new drug niobate elastic constants.

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The patient improved on a pyrimethamine, sulfadiazine and clindamycin, but succumbed to disseminated toxoplasmosis when treatment was discontinued. AAOMP Case Challenge: Multiple red plaques with severe burning and soreness on the tongue. The inhibitor abrogates the matriptase-2-mediated suppression of HAMP expression, presumably by inhibiting the supposed potential of matriptase-2 to cleave membrane-bound HJV (haemojuvelin). In controls, peak NE levels occurred at ovulation and early luteal phase. Restriction of tobacco production and marketing could sildigra super power price result in a substantial decrease in profits for tobacco manufacturers.

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Self-reported leisure-time physical activity was rispone pill z marking color manufacturer associated with better effort-dependent lung function parameters, particularly among girls. We describe a case of SCAD which was presented as ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, and treated successfully with medical treatment. Loop diuretics but not thiazides may be associated with an increased risk of revision following primary THA. These two closely related vitellogenin genes have lengths of about 21 and 16 kilobases, but both produce a vitellogenin mRNA of 6.3 kilobases. Overall, our work shows that there is value to comparing heuristics beyond the parsimony scores that they find.